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Memorial created 08-2-2007 by
Carol thompson
Tracey Thompson
August 21 1980 - March 12 2005

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This online memorial was created in loving memory of Tracey Thompson, Beloved daughter, granddaughter sister and friend to many. Tracey was no saint, she was my daughter and I love her.

So dearly loved by family and friends.

 FIVE YEARS ( Sometime between the10th and th 19th March 2010)

I held her tiny hand in mine
Then let it go, when it was time
Her heart I always held so tight
Even when we had a fight
I often doubled up in mirth
With my child I loved from birth
Now I double up in pain
Knowing I’ll never see her again
Her laugh, her voice, her special smell
Entranced me like a magic spell
Then a murderer came one day
And stole my magic child away
Now the shadows are so deep
And memories keep me from my sleep
Did she suffer? Did she cry?
Before her soul was free to fly
Five years have passed from the day    
A killer came, and took her away,
Five years I’ve hidden my tears inside
Not knowing how or when she died.

 A Silver Frame

A picture in a silver frame
of my child, who had a name
A precious moment captured in time
when her laughter, mingled with mine

This picture stands by my bed
of my child, who is dead
Through the glass I see her smile
but her death is recorded on file

The picture is all I have left
of my child, taken by theft
I miss her each and every day
So by my bed, her picture will stay

The picture is very painful to see
but it means the world to me
So why do people often say
you should hide that picture away




Tracey was many things, this is what made the complete person. Her gentleness, her sense of humour, her love, her temper. All of this created one very special person. 

  Please sign Tracey's guest book and let us know you came to visit. Tracey always loved meeting new people.





You were born at ten past three
 A bundle of joy but not for me
I was too ill to understand
What I was holding in my hand
I thought you were a little red rat
And told the nurses to take you back
But time moves on and so you grew
Before we knew it you were two
Your brother arrived without much fuss
And now the family was five of us
Then you where four and full of fun
All you wanted had to be done


Then we noticed a change of pace
A lot of sadness in your baby face
Evil had entered through a back door
Stealing your innocence the year you were four
The wheel turned slowly and on you grew
Losing your sight hardly impacted on you
Soon you were six and standing at gates
Starting to learn from books and from slates.
Sport was your passion from almost day one
Not a spare moment to get home work done.
The next thing we knew we were saying move on
Your childhood hashappened and now it is gone
Mistakes we all make are often undone
When we remember our love and our fun
Your past was behind you, your body was clean
Rehab was history you could follow your dream
Blackness and death was too soon to arrive
And this was before you turned twenty five.
Your body was taken, your soul has departed
Your wheel was broken and never restarted.




Tracey's eyes.

Tracey’s eyes were like the sea

You never knew what color they’d be

If she was happy they were bright blue

When she was sad, they lost their hue

They often looked like they were green

If she was nasty they just looked mean

Even though she was blind in one

They always sparked, when she had fun

If she was feeling really down

Then they appeared to be dull brown

When she was tired, late in the day

Then her eyes would look dark grey

But those eyes I loved to see

Have been taken away from me

Did her eyes go dull and grey

When her life was fading away

Where her eyes cloudy with fright

When you killed her on that night

and did they show to you her fear

Knowing that her death was near





God lent me an Angel for a time
An angel that I thought was mine
Three years ago He escorted her home
And left me behind, this earth to roam

A child of Satan found her that night
And took her life in cruelty and spite
The tears of Angels fell all around
Knowing that Satan was gaining ground

The tears that fell from the heavens above
Encrusted me with compassion  and love
This Angel child is mine no more
She has returned through heavens door

Satan thought he had won that day
Knowing he’d taken my Angel away
He listens to my anguished cries
But God is watching with angry eyes

God made a promise He will not break
To let us humans, choices make
My Angel is close to her Fathers throne
Her killer chose  hell as his eternal home.


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