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Memorial created 03-6-2007 by
Jackie Hughes
Taylor Colleen Brush
July 7 1999 - January 24 2000

Sister Camryn and brother Lucas in front of Papa's and Taylor's lilac trees Shorty after Taylor passed away, our neighbors dedicated a lilac tree in Highland Park to Taylor. It has grown so much over the years and we visit every year during the Lilac Festival. After Papa died in 2004, the family dedicated a tree to him as well. Unbeknownst to us, the dedicated tree ended up right next to Taylor's!! Taylor's tree is small but beautiful and bold. Papa's tree towers over Taylor's. It is a great image of Papa wrapping his large comforting arms around his precious baby granddaughter!

Daddy with Camryn and Lucas in front of Taylor's tree

Taylor's Lilac Tree Dedication Plaque

Mommy, Camryn and Lucas

Daddy, Mommy, Camryn & Lucas

Justin's Tattoo in Memory of Taylor

A Close-up of Justin's Tattoo
Cousin Justin knew he wanted to get a tattoo as soon as he turned 18. Jecca, Camryn, Lucas and I were in Florida visiting Mima at the time. Justin couldn't wait to show us his new tattoo. We were so amazed when we saw a memorial to Taylor on his arm! Justin couldn't wait to play basketball so he could show his tattoo off to his teammates. What a great kid!!

Daddy's Tattoo Daddy already had a tattoo before Taylor was born. After Taylor passed away, daddy went to have his tattoo colored in and he added Taylor's name into the clouds in remembrance of his first baby girl!


Lilac Festival 2007 We went to the Lilac Festival on opening day this year. Taylor's tree only had a few buds on it but Papa's tree was filled with blossoms! We hope to go back in a few weeks to see Taylor's lilacs.

Super Star Camryn! The kids were so excited to see the lilac trees. We took the pictures first and ran into a few friends of ours.

Lucas Enjoying Papa's Lilacs!
It wasn't long before Camryn and Lucas wanted to go off to see the rest of the festival. We ate, listened to music and got to visit the Geico tent! Lucas loves the Geico Gecko! The nice people there gave the kids little gecko toys to take home. Lucas put them outside of CocoaPuff's "home" (CocoaPuff is the real gecko Lucas got for his 4th birthday!!!

Camryn at Gymnastics Besides fundraising for the hospital, we are actively involved in sporting events. Camryn is in gymnastics and plays soccer. Here are some pictures of Camryn at the gymnastics "Kids Classic" where she got to perform in a mini competition. Luckily, all the girls were winners!!

Camryn (in the middle) with her team!


Lucas at "Hockey" Lucas didn't like skating too much at first. He'd cry, "I skate, I fall!" His coach, Whitney, quickly took him under her wing and gave him the encouragement he needed. Now he can't wait to skate! He told us the other night that he wants to be big so he can have a stick and knock people over on the ice!

Lucas and Whitney


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