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Memorial created 09-26-2006 by
mick laBriola
Diego LaBriola
September 23 1995 - June 5 2002


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Diego LaBriola, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Diego's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Diego forever.







a poem dedicated to my son Diego.



" As I drove down the lonely dark alley, huge billowing evening clouds Filled with Light, beaming in on my tears and hallowed heart; I thought I heard the Angels singing, and suddenly,I Saw Your Face in the Moon;



Drunk in pain and forever lost of your holding me, a deep Sense of mournfullness digging and tormenting at my soul,Until my threshold kept me still, in my body; There I sat and remembered, that I Saw Your Face in the Moon;



You looked at me with all your glorious innocence,Radiating your Love for me, my lunar Boy; As I was shaking and quivering in my harsh reality, I knew at that Moment, I would always Love you and cherish every moment of you; Horrified to look up, I still Saw Your Face in the Moon;



By now my face was flooded with streams of memories Pouring over my entire life; You running by my side, around and around, weaving how our lives Were so intertwined, a Fabric of Yesterdays, not now's no more; My baby-my life, daddy-daddy look, do you See My Face in the Moon?"



 mick laBriola Copyright ©2006 Mick LaBriola





On June 2nd of 2002 Diego LaBriola was struck by a vehicle in front of 3932 Cedar Ave in south Minneapolis, Minnesota; and died on June 5th. Diego was an organ donor. My son Diego was a radiant beam of pure Love and inexhaustible energy. His excitement for life was as contagious as his beautiful smile. One could see the unfolding Love of the Universe while gazing in his intense eyes. His gifts of Loving, Caring and Care taking others were abundant and generous. I will never forget his Laughter, Goofiness,Drumming,Hugging,Holding and Kissing. He was my Angel of Light. Since Diego’s passing I have been on a journey to find Diego’s existence as Spirit. Then I realized in order to find Diego, I must first learn who I am in Spirit.


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