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Memorial created 07-16-2011 by
Michael Dallas
Mickey J. Dallas
August 14 1993 - May 12 2007

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one Michael Joe Dallas who was born in San Jose, California  , August 14 1993 and passed away on  May 12 2007 at the age of 13, the result of a two vehicle accident. We will remember him and love him forever.


May, 12, 2007 a day that started out like any other day, but ended up like a terrible nightmare. It was a early out day when he went for a ride with a friend and ended up being in an accident with another vehicle. The car he and his friend were in went through a stop sign and were hit by another car causing it to roll and land on it's top and catch fire. He was pinned in the vehicle and was unable to be rescued. Mickey was able to call 911 with his cell-phone and identify himself and what had happend. Emergency personal were not able to get there in time to save Mickey, but we believe Mickey's call was what saved his friends life by getting the helicopter in the air and to the scene to transport him. For what Mickey did as a 14yr old in his final moments, we as his parents always will be extremely proud of Mickey.


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