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Gail Miller

Memorial created 08-1-2009 by
Gail & Jack Miller Parents Of A Murders Child
Michael Shane Miller
October 19 1977 - February 16 2006

Son, I can't help it if I stand at your grave and fall to my knees and weep...Michael Son I know you are not there...But your memories is something I will always keep...Michael Son, your smile was like a diamond glittering in the white snow. The bond that we had between each other, was a special bond. That know one will ever discover.Son we had a special bond that any mother would love to have with their son...As I stand at your grave and cry, I can never bring myself to say my final good-by...It breaks my heart to look up at the sky, and wonder why did you have to die..My precious son took his last breath here on earth 2-16-06 and took his first breath in Heaven the same day..Michael earned his golden wings 2-16-06.


Our Special Son

At last Michael reached his final home...On 2-16-2006 the gates swings open wide. He got a glimpse of glory...And michael couldn't wait to get inside....An Angel beckon on him, smiling he hurry up to get to him...God opened the golden book and Micheal look within. He saw his name was written on the page that he turn to. He told Michael you finally made it home...My precious child I've been waiting here for you...He pointed Michael in the direction and told him to go that way. So Michael started his tour of Heaven with a big smile on his face...He knew heaven was where he was going to get to stay...Michael smiled as he saw many manison's...As he continued to walk down the street that was paved in gold...He heard the angel's praising God just as he was told. Then Michael saw his loved ones that had been there many years...They hugged and kissed each other. All smiles, there were no tears. Michael looked around smiling for Jesus. he knew he would soon appear. He couldn't wait to kneel and praise him..He knew that jesus was the reason that he was there...


In A Country Cemetary

In a country cemetary called concord. Where I have to go to feel the gentle breeze blow. Lies my beloved son Michael that I love so. He was called home to be with the Lord. Almost 3 1/2 years ago.Concord is his resting place, I go to visit. Just to place my red roses there with special care. But no one knows my heartache when I walk away and leave them there. Though his big smile is gone forever, and his face I cannot touch. I will always have so many memories of my son that I love so much. His memory is my keepsake, which I will never part. God has his keeping. I will always keep him in my heart.


Parent Of A Murdered Child


Parent Of A Murdered Child

On 2-16-2006 the last words my son said to me was...Mom I will see you in a few minutes. When I got to my son's house within 7 minutes he was dead. The woman he though loved him just shot and killed him. As I screamed I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My baby laying on the ground...with the killer standing beside him. No parent should have seen what I saw.


Visit Your Grave

Michael Son, I went to visit your grave today. I fall to my knees and I begain to pray. This was something I always do. I come to your gravesite just to sit and talk to you. I am so empty and so sad. Michael son you were one of the best things that I ever had. God called you home to be with him, and I don't understand why. Now all I do is sit and cry. I loved you with all my heart. But with the love of God we will never be apart.



I came to visit you. I stood beside your bed last night. I wanted to take a peek, I saw you crying quietly in your sleep. I touched your face sofely. And wipped away your tears. I whispered to you in your ear. It's me Mom, I haven't left. Mom I'm well, I'm doing fine, and mom I'm right here.

Mom, I was with you at my gravesite today. You decorated it with such special care. I wanted to let you know that I wasn't really there. As I walked with you back to the car. As you fumbled with your car keys. I put my arms around you, and smile and said. It's me Mom, and you looked so tired, as you sit down in your car seat.

I tired so hard to let you know I was standing here. It's possible for me to be so near to you everyday. To say to you with certainly I never went away.

The day is now over. I smile as I see you yawning. Goodnight Mom. I will see you in the morning. And when the time is right for you to cross. The brief divide. I'll rush across to meet you, and we will stand side by side. I have so many things to show you. There are so much for you to see. Be patient mom, live your journey out then come home to be with me. Until then you will have to wait to beable to see me.

Love Your Son Michael In Heaven


Mom, where I have gone, I will never be small...My soul is as wide as the world is tall...I had to answer God's call, the one who takes care of us all...Mom, wherever you look, you will always fine me there...In the bud of a beautiful red rose...Or In the heart of a special prayer...Mom, and dad, to you I'm just gone...And you both know that I will never be alone...I now live in Heaven in my brand new home.


Our Precious Angel (Michael)

Mom and Dad I was looking down from heaven on the night that I was killed. I saw the tears falling so freely. They were showing so brightly in my sight. The words I wanted you and dad to hear, could not break through the pain. I was trying to reasure you both. That we'd be together again. Although you can no see me in the form I once was. Mom you must know that I'm so happy here. I'm surrounded by God's love. God arms are wrapped around me. I'm listening to all the angels singing. And there isn't a moment that passes without my love to you and dad. My only wish is for you both to know that I'm safe and free from all harms. Mom just remember what my message is. Someday soon we all will be together in each others arms. So mom just remember you, dad and Jeff must always remember this, no one will ever harm me every again. I will always be in our Heavenly Father's arms. I've been set free, Just remember Me Michael your beloved son.


 Mom, please don't feel guilty for it was my time to go. I am looking down from heaven and I see that you are so sad. And I am watching all the tears flow.

Mom you always told me and Jeff that we all come to earth for our lifetime.And remember you told us some people would live for many years. And for some not so many years. Mom I don't want you to keep crying now, you have cryed way to many tears.

I haven't left You,Dad,Jeff and the boys, even though it seem so. I have just gone to my heavenly home. And I am closer to you than you realize.

Just believe when you say my name I 'm standing right next to you. I know you want to see me. But there is nothing I can do. But I will send you a message and I hope you will understand. When it comes your time mom to cross over. Mom I'll be there to take your hand. And walk with you each step of the way. I Love You !

From Michael In Heaven


Dear Uncle Michael

We love you so ever more, we think about you each and everyday. we feel your loving arms around us this is how we make it through our days. uncle Michael we know you are looking down upon us and guiding us on our way. But it has been so hard for the last 8 years to live without you each and everyday.

There have been so many people tell our granny and paw in time there grieving will subside. And things will get better. They just haven't lost there child. Uncle Michael,it want get any better for them, because you are not at there side. No matter how hard they try to help them with there pain, it keeps getting deeper and deeper.

We know one day we will meet again in heaven up above. That is one thing that helps us to carry on, and to never forget your love.

We will see you in heaven Uncle Michael,in God's time not ours.


God, Please I know you can hear me. If roses grow up in heaven would you please cut a bunch of red ones for me. Place them in my son's arms and let him know there were from me.

God I know the first thing he is going to do is give you a big smile. When he does please take him in your arms and hold him for awhile.

Thank you God for blessing me with a wonderful child.


On 2-16-06 Michael was set free, He had to take his final flight without me. That day when he heard God's call, he turned his back and left us all. He knew he couldn't stay here on earth another day. To go to work, to see his family, to play with his nephews, another day.Tasks left undone must stay that way. He knew he had found peace at the end of the day.

His parting has left a hold in my heart. But all the love I have for my son we will never be apart. I Love You Son!


Why must I grieve silently, when my heart is so loudly screaming? The emptiness I feel is consuming me, Oh God I wish I was dreaming...The silence around me is deafening. For no one knows what to say. To comfort my agony I'm feeling. Since my precious son Michael went away...And each day the sun continues to rise. And this old world is still turning. Though my world has came to a halt. No one can ease my treaning...For a big part of me has vanished, and a part of my heart has died, no one can hear my heartache, or feel the turmoil I carry inside...I will continue to go on grieveing siletly. And exist on a different plane. And I'll keep my love deep for my precious son in my heart until I see him again.


A murder crept into my life like a thief on the evening of 2-16-2006 at 6:20 P.M. Stealing something that was so precious to me and his family. My 28 year old son, my baby that I loved with all my heart. This thief could have taken anything besides my precious son.


Michael Son, I wrote your name in the sky, but the clouds coved it away. I wrote your name on the beach in the sand, But the water washed it away.

So I wrote your name on your tumbstone there is where it will stay. I will never forget that day, you had to go away.

I will never have to write your name in my heart, because it never went away. Son I will see you in Heaven some sweet day.


Son, since Heaven has become your home. I sometimes feel I'm so alone and though we are now are a part.

You hold a big piece of my heart. I never knew how much I'd grieve. If you would ever have to leave me.

Or just how much my heart would ache from that one fragment you would take.


Son our love as a son and mother was deeper than the ocean, wider than the sky. Stronger than the winds you and I.

A coward had to take that away from me 4 years and 5 months ago...why that is something I will never understand or know.

Son, your life was a blessing to me. Your memories now is my treasure.

Michael Son, I will always love you beyond words. And miss you beyond measure.


Would you please listen to me, I am writting you this letter from heaven. I see you, dad and Jeff is still stuggling everyday, since I passed away. The pain mom I can't describe.

Mom, you used to tell me when I was little, that one day God would call us home. I remember you always told me, you'll make me and Jeff strong. So that when that time came we would stand tall when we were alone.

But things happen sometimes, Mom that doesn't go in our plans. Mom, I wasn't scared that night God took my hand. I wasn't ready to  leave you. And I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye. When the angels told me, "come with us." Mom, I didn't ask the question why?

Mom, I watch you daily. It hurts to see you cry. So please mom don't be unhappy, just because I didn't get to tell you good-bye.

Mom, I know that you miss me. And your heart is broken in two. God really needed me. He told me my earthly life was through.

I will always be right beside your side. I smile at you and play with you hair. Mom, I whisper." Mom I Love You So Much in your ear. You just can't see me there. I'm the one who gently touches you on the shoulder when you are so sad.

Mom, I am so happy here with Jesus. I love you mom, I always will. Just remember that I'm not far away, and we will be together one day.

Mom, listen until God calls out your name, things will never be the same. But I will always be your son, Michael Shane.

Love Michael From Heaven


Your destination is a place far greater than we know...For some the journey is quicker, For some the journey will be slow...And Michael's was greater.


Michael was baptized 9-5-2004 by Brother Max Stripling. He was a member at New Hope Baptist Church.

Michael was 28 years old when he entered into heaven. Brother Rev. Max Stripling officiating in his burial. His burial was follow in Concord Cemetary with Sunset Funeral Home.

His grandparents, Baxter and Adele Miller and James Logan preceded him in death.

Michael's pallbears were Eddie Moore that he considered his second dad. A long with Scott Moore, Terry Long, Daniel Kelly, Joel Thacker, Rod Parker and Yancy Collin.

Michael is loved and miss by so many people that he loved. Most of all his Mom, Dad Brother and Two Precious Nephews who loved him the most.


Tears are the words my heart uses to explain that even my fake smile can't cover up the truth of you being gone son. It has been 5 years and 10 months and it seems like it hasn't been that long. If every tear that your dad and I have shed for you, become stars above. You'll stroll in and Angel Garden and light up Heaven above....You are the light that shines thru our family. 


Roses were my son's favorite flower. When Michael would give me roses. It would always put a smile on my face.

just one simple red rose he would say, tells my mom how much I love her today.

He always had a unique way of giving me my roses for a special day.

The last red roses I recieved was on Valentine's Day. Just two days before God called him home.

Now that my son is in heaven I keep his grave decorated in red roses.

I spray them with a millions tears, wishing God would have let me kept him a few more years.


Michael Son to cry for you I need to. To miss you is a must. But son I know that your in a place now you trust.

I miss you son, I love you so much. But I will see you again in heaven when that times comes. But until that day comes my heartache will never come to and end.

My heart was broken and it will never mend until I get to heaven and see you again. And take you in my arms and hold you once again.

It broke my heart to lose you but son you didn't go alone. A 


Son, If I could bring you back home I wouldn't...I know you wouldn't ask me to...But son I would ask you to fly me up to where you are...Just to see everything you see and do...

I promiss not to ask you to let me stay...even though I would want to. You can fly me back home to your dad, brother and family. Until it's my time to come home forever.

I promiss I want cry when it comes time to say good-by. Michael I just need to see your smile and hold you for awhile.

Son we are just one breath away from seeing each other forever. Come fly me to where you are my precious son.


There is always a face before me. A voice I would love to hear, a smile I will always remember, of a precious son that I loved dear.

Deep in my heart lies a picture, more precious than gold. It's a picture of my precious loving son that I love so. A picture that will never grow old.


Special Angel

There is a special angel in Heaven. That is a part of me. It isn't where I want him to be. But that is where God wants him to be.

He was here for 28 years. He was here for a moment like a shooting star. Although he is in heaven, we are never apart.

He touched the hearts of so many. Like only angels can do. I would have held him every minute. If I only knew.

So I send this special message to heaven above. Please God take care of my special angel. And give him all my precious love.


Son, I will forever remember your laugther my precious child. I will never forget your beautiful smile...

I often go to your gravesi

Michael my sweet child, I just want to be with as you are in heaven w

My heart was broken into a million pieces. And it will never mend until we see each other once again...

I have your pictures in frames and all your memories in my heart, With all the love we have for each other. We will never be apart...

All my memories I still can't move on. My grief for you son will continue on and on...


My Prayer

My Father In Heaven,

Why did my beloved son have to die? Father I know I don't need to ask you why. For when that day comes then I will understand why.

Father it was so hard to lose my precious son, Father I 'm so sorry you lost your son to.

Father I am so thankful to have a father like you. You understand what I'm going through.

Father I know you only take the best. You chosen Michael because he lived his life to his very best.

Father I know he had bad eyes and some health issues,  But he lived his life just for you.


I Lost My Son

I lost my son 2-16-06...I wish people wouldn't turn away or change the subject when I talk about Michael, because it's o.k...Because at first I couldn't feel...It has took me so long, but my friends it's all so real...I hurt so much inside you see. It helps me to talk about Michael that is the part of my healing...So I wish my family and friends would take the time to come and visit and just talk with me.. I was so numb inside for a long time...I know people think I should be strong...They didn't realize that I couldn't feel and my heart made everything feel so unreal...But one day I suddenly awoke. I clutched to my chest as I began to choke...I scream, such a loud scream out MY CHILD, MY CHILD! Why did this have to happen to me? But now everyone has moved on you see...Everyone but me...Now that I need my family and friend most of all...Between me and them stands a big brick wall...My pain is more than I can bare...When I mention Michael, I put on my face with a fake smile...I protent that I am o.k...But I am crying inside as I turn and walk away...But when I go to bed at night I get Michael's picture and hug it and kiss it good-night...I ask everyone who reads this just to take time to say a prayer for a grieving parent tonight...Michael Son I Love You!





Everytime I look toward heaven, I know one day I will see my son again...I often think of him, and when I do it makes me smile. Because I know he is in heaven smiling down on me too.

But my heart is broken and it will never mend...Until my life on earth ends...And I am able to see my son again.

I will hold on to the love and life I once had of my son that I once knew.

Everyday I will light a candle just for him. To let him know what a special son he is to me...And that I love him just as much today as yesterday...I will hold on to his love that I once knew.


The night Michael was murdered God didn't let him feel no pain...He took him by the hand and carried him home...His golden heart stopped beaten, his hard working hands were placed to rest...Our son, Jeff's brother, Brandon and Landon's uncle will be truly missed...If our love could have saved our son that horrible night that our son was murdered, he never would have died...Because a part of our hearts went with him the night God called him home.


Son, As I sit here crying today...my tears for you will someday will dry...Son, I will say farewell, but I can never say my good-byes...The night God called you home, my heart was so broken...This tumultuous ride...I recall the memories to last all our lives...Michael Son, you were so loved. Your spirits and smile were so bright...I now have the blessing you are now our guilding light...I can still hear your laugh...and see you beautiful smile...I feel your precious love, and your unforgettable style....I look up to the sky and glaze into the stars...Withness your glimmer.....For here on earth it will be much dimmer...When I am lonely, I look upon the heavens...And I will feel your presence...I know you are in a beautiful place...and someday I will be with you...until than I will always wish you were here...Michael Baby I will always miss and love you dearly.


Michael Son I will hold on to the love and life I had with you. The bond we had between a mother and son was so strong. God blessed me with a wonderful son when he blessed me with you. I didn't only lose my son, I lost my best friend.


Just four short years ago. I've lost my son,  But the people I am telling this to, turns and slowly walks away.

I then stop and realize that they don't care or just don't understand.

I don't tell people this , and I am not looking for sympathy. Or to get a helping hand.

I just want to let people know, I've lost something so special and dear.

I only want them to not forget my child was here.

Michael left something behind which no one can see. My child  was a loving person in our loving family.

So when I mention or speak of him, and that seems to up-sets you. I'm so sorry as I can be.

You will have to forgive me, I could not resist talking about him. I just want to let people know Michael did exist.

Michael was murdered just four years ago. He will forever be loved and truely miss.



Dear God, Hold my son's hand just a little while longer. while his father and my love grows stronger



Dear God...When it comes time for Michael's dad and I to leave this land. Lord, give us back our beloved son's hand...To have, to hold, to cherish with all our heart. Give us a second change, with a brand new start...In The Name Of Jesus, I pray, Amen.



My tears is the silent language of my grief for my beloved son...that words can't express.




Son, all the angels cried with your dad and I the night you earned your golden wings.

It will soon be 4 years and we are still crying for you...But we know you are smiling that beautiful smile in heaven.


I know Michael would like for his memories of him to be happy ones,

And he would like for his smile to be an afterglow at the end of your day after your work is all done.

I know he would like to know he has left an echo whispering softly down the ways, of his happy times on a bright and sunny day.

He would like the tears of those who has grieved over him to dry before the sun.

I was blessed with a precious son. Son your work here on earth was well done.


Michael your dad and I misses you a lot. I guess you can say a little to much...A little to often....And a little bit more more with each passing day.

But baby we can't help it...That is the way it is and the way it will always be....Our hearts are broken and we know you understand. Will you please?


I feel like I was only 7 minutes to late getting to my son the night he was killed. When I was on the phone with my son that night and heard her say cut. I should have put the phone down right then and went to my son right then. Maybe I could have saved him.

I realize blaming myself will never bring my son back to me. It will not bring healing to me. It will only deepen my wounds. I have put myself in self-inflicted punishment which I know is not good grief.

When my son my murdered I never blame God. I knew God didn't kill my son, God gives life he doesn't take it away. He gave his life for my son and he didn't take it.

I forgive the girl that killed my son. If I didn't I would never see him again. But at this point I am very angry at her for killing him.

We are told to never question God why? Even Jesus on the cross ask God why? Asking questions is an evidence of faith. If you didn't believe in God you would waste your time questioning him. But I do believe in him and I question God why.

When you do question God he then knows that you take your faith seriously. He hears your questions and answers and sees all your tears.

Grief is the time for tears and crying without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. The tears need to come they're a part of good grief. God sees each tear and he wipes away them all. I have shedded so many tears since my son was called home.

I cried a tear in the ocean today and when someone fines my tear then I will beable to stop grieving for my son that day.


Dear Son, I know you are watching over me with each and everything I do...I know you wish I wouldn't keep putting myself through thing I am putting myself through...But son I am missing you so much.

I went through some off your things the other night...my doctor told me that I was killing myself with grief...but she don't understand me.

I looked at your glasses...the impack they took from the bullet when you was shot...people don't understand my pain...Only the ones that have been through it and only God...I sit and looked at your bloody watch with tears flowing down my face....smelling your pillow case you last slept on...Just to remember your smell.

As I wish each night that you were home in bed or at work and I knew where you were at...Yes now I truely know everynight and day where you are...You are truely home. In heaven where you belong.


Dear Son, As you know I came to visit you today and sit on the bench and talked to you as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I put you a solo windchime up for Easter.

Baby did you catch my big kiss I blew to you? Did you hear me telling you how much I loved and missed you? I felt you so close. I know you are watching over me from up above.

Michael, if only you would fly me up to where you are. I promiss I will let you fly me back. Until it is my time to come to stay.

I love you and miss you my sweet angel. You are just a breath away from me. I miss you baby. I treasure your memories.

I thank God for the 28 precious years I was blessed with you. But I would have loved for God to have spared me more.






My Beloved Son was borned a coal miners son 10-19-1977. He grew up wanting to become a coal miner just like his dad. And his dreams came true...He worked in the coal mines just like his dad...The coal mines didn't take his life.

A cold hearted coward crept into his life shortly after he become to live out his dream. It all happen early one evening at 6:30 p.m. This cold hearted coward was the woman he though loved him.

She stolen something so precious from me on that evening of 2-16-06. That precious something was my 28 year old son.

She murdered my son with what reason...only God knows. Now I'm left with a broken heart that will never mend. And he is in Heaven. And she probably will never get to see him ever again.

Michael Son, you now have everlasting life, no tears nor sorrow, perfect health, eternal rest, endless peace. Baby your soul is free.





On 2-16-06 the world lost a wonderful person that walked in it for 27 years. This person was our Son now Our Beautiful Angel.

But Heavens Gates lite up the night Our Son Michael entered in. With his big beautiful bright smile.

If you didn't get to meet Michael the 28 years he was here on earth. You miss a special person, and a good friend. I hope anyone that didn't get to meet our son here on earth will get to meet him in Heaven.

We Love You Michael! You may be gone, but your not forgotten. You are and always will be in our lifes.


4 & 1/2 years has gone, all of them has slipped away. The hours seem to blur, the nights into days.

They say it gets easier as each month and even years passes by. That is a lie. If so then when Michael's name is mention. I will break down and cry.

There is no stopping to all the tears that start string from my eyes. And I will always want to know why? Why did my son have to die.




Son your life was a blessing to your family. Your memories will always be our treasure. Son you were loved beyond words. And missing you for almost five years is beyond measure.

Each day that passes by, my heart is so sore. And as the time passes by baby I miss you even more. Your loving smile and your special touch. With you gentle face.

Michael Son know one will ever beable to feel your empty vacant place. We loved you the day God called you home. And we will continue to love and miss you until we are back together again.

Love Mom & Dad


Michael Son, we love and miss you beyond words. Your heavenly smile is forever printed in our hearts...Your beloved family and all whose lives you touched misses you beyond all our words.


Michael was murdered at his home 2-16-06.

My grieveing continues to go on....

My son didn't deserve to die the way he did....

He is in Heaven now where no one can ever harm my son again...Michael was a Christain man.


God bless my mom and dad, who has lost there child. Precious Lord, heal there hurting and broken heart...Lord put your loving arms around them, and hold them for awhile...God give my mom and dad peace. Whose child you called away...And give them joy in knowing they will reunite with my brother again, in Heaven one sweet day.






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