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Memorial created 05-20-2008 by
Pat Cartossa
Theresa Marie Cartossa
July 11 1989 - May 21 2007

Theresa with attitude 17 yrs old

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Theresa Cartossa, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Theresa's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Theresa forever.

Theresa was beautiful, funny, witty, artistic and so very sensitive.  I remember her crying in pre-school almost everyday.  It took her years to learn how to control her feelings, if that's what you could call it.  She built a shell around herself, but it was very thin and fragile.

She loved walking and bicycling.  Instead of taking the school bus home, she would walk.  She usually walked in the door before her sister who rode the bus home.  Theresa loved babies, if there was a baby around you would find Theresa offering to hold it.  She was so clever and witty.  She loved t-shirts with silly sayings on them...never rude or offensive, but always poking fun at herself.

School mates would make fun of her because she didn't fit in.  By her senior year in HS it seemed like she had figured it out.  She had joined clubs and made friends.  All her grades were in the 90's.  She was learning to drive and was registered at the local community college.  She had picked out a prom dress that she looked beautiful in, so grown-up. 

Theresa loved anything Japanese.  She taught herself how to draw the Japanese characters with a brush and ink.  She read Manga and created her own stories.

She ate like a bottomless pit, yet was slender and healthy.  She loved popcorn and chocolate shakes.  We always had to have chocolate ice cream in the house so she could make chocolate malts.   She had the best wicked laugh you'd ever hear and beautiful hazel eyes that twinkled when she laughed.

She had beautiful hands, the hands of an artist.  She would work for hours on intricate beaded jewelry and then give it away the next day to who ever admired it.

Theresa seemed tough but life scared her. 



We'll never really understand what she was thinking that Monday morning when she took her own life. 

The night before she had been so happy.  She made dinner and it had turned out great!  Prom was coming up and she had picked out accessories and had been letting her hair grow out, so it could be styled.  We were talking about her going to Florida for a week that summer, by herself.

I think that thin, fragile shell she had built wasn't strong enough to keep her safe.  Maybe she got thinking about the future, graduation, college, new friends and she just got scared. 

We miss her witty comebacks and her crooked smile.

She's okay now, she's safe.  We love her now and for always

So Beautiful!

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