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She will always be a part of you and our children. Love, James

Memorial created 07-31-2008 by
Maribeth Lockwood
Gabrielle Michaelyn Boring
May 6 2000 - May 6 2000

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05-06-2013 6:20 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Happy birthday Baby!! All my love, Mom

08-07-2011 1:21 AM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: MA  

Hi, Maribeth - thank you so very much for visiting Nicholaus again. How are you? Hugs to you & sending a hug to Gabrielle in Heaven <3 <3

08-05-2011 2:36 AM -- By: ,  From:  

so sorry for your loss...

08-05-2011 2:35 AM -- By: ,  From:  

god bless you always... so very precious!

08-02-2011 6:32 PM -- By: ,  From: fla  

thank you for visiting with my angel skye... how nice of you to stop by! your angel is beautiful... i know our angels are playing together on the clouds! this is my mom's id, stop by anytime. blessings to you always...

05-06-2011 12:14 AM -- By: ,  From: fla  

Birthday n angel day blessings sweetheart... I know your mommy's pain!

05-06-2010 9:37 PM -- By: Judy,  From:  

Sending you loving thoughts and prayers today. God Bless

05-06-2010 11:03 AM -- By: Sharone`, Chloe`-McKayla's Grandma ,  From:  

Dear angel Gabrielle, Maribeth and family wishing your angel Gabrielle heavenly blessing on this very special day, and to her lovely Mommy and family many blessing of peace on this very special day. Maribeth I read your beautiful tribute to your daughter, your family, your self thanks for sharing your journey. It will help other families who suffer the same horrible pain of losing a child, and angel baby, Sharone`, Chloe-McKayla's Grandma

02-03-2010 12:30 PM -- By: mommy,  From:  

Hi Sweetie, you just keep giving us love. I love you Baby Girl

11-29-2009 5:06 PM -- By: Katilyn Ashworth,  From: Beaver Dam kY  

Prayers for you and your family.

08-12-2009 5:38 PM -- By: Corinne,  From: Springfield  

I was younger when this all happened. But I feel like I lost a family member now.

05-10-2009 2:12 AM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: MA  

Happy Mother's Day, Maribeth!!

05-03-2009 10:08 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

happy birthday and angel day to you... blessings always! ~daughter of maria romanchick, mommy 2 skye harrison on vm~

04-12-2009 11:57 AM -- By: Dad,  From:  

Happy Easter Gabrielle, you and Jesse have fun today. I love you and will see you soon. Thanks for taking care of us all down here.

Love you always, Dad

02-05-2009 11:21 AM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: Rockland, MA  

Thank you, too, for visiting Nicholaus' site & wishing him a Happy Birthday. I could never forget Gabrielle for so many reasons, but 1)she's born the same year Nicholaus was 2)she has the same name as his baby sister, Gabryelle 3)Gabryelle was born 5/25/02. Strange how things intertwine like that sometimes - lol. I think of all of you all the time & hope you're doing well. You are probably one of the few that can most relate to the pain still here, even though it's been almost 9 years. Time is just a number, and the heart doesn't know time or numbers. Take care.

Your friend, Jamie

01-26-2009 7:44 PM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: Rockland, MA  

Just wanted to say 'hi'.

01-15-2009 8:52 PM -- By: Jamie Olsen,  From: Rockland, MA  

Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. How are you doing? Take care.

10-04-2008 2:14 AM -- By: Alain Reyes,  From: New Jersey  

this is going to be a message i send out to all my VM friends:

I had t-shirts made in honor of my wife, Angie, to help bring awareness to brain aneurysm. If you would like a t-shirt, just email me the size, color (pink or blue) and where to send it and i will gladly mail it to you.

What happen to my wife is a regret i must live with for the rest of my life....... everyday I wish I would have known more about the symptoms of a brain aneurysm.......

So please accept the t-shirt, even if you never wear it.....because I do this to honor my wife's memory, and to get this message across to the world...."Brain aneurysm awareness saves lives!"

My email addy is etownone@aol.com

Take care and God Bless,

Alain Reyes

10-01-2008 11:05 AM -- By: Ruffles,  From: Reno  

Maribeth... a fantastic tribute to Gabrielle. I remember like it was yesterday the phone call, the hospital room and being with Gabrielle in the side room. I hope you can now go on with your life and live it to the fullest with your kids. Love you

09-27-2008 2:53 PM -- By: Alicia,  From: Connecticut  

Maribeth~You did a beautiful job on Gabrielle's memorial page. The writing & pictures of everyone were wonderful to read/see. Keep being a strong woman, mother, friend and partner. Thank you for letting myself and my family be a part of your lives.

09-25-2008 10:21 PM -- By: Alain Reyes,  From: New Jersey  

Hi Maribeth and thank you for visiting my wife's VM. I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby Gabrielle. A close friend of mine recently lost their baby only 3 weeks old due to meningitus.

Life is so unfair.... thats what i always say now.

I'm also so sorry to hear for your father's girlfriend. How long has she been in a coma? did they perform surgery? Are the doctors being positive or are they as negative as they were with me when i spent that week in the hospital praying for Angie to wake up and the doctors would use that word "deteriorating" to describe her condition.

Alain Reyes

09-12-2008 6:58 PM -- By: Jamie,  From: Rockland, MA  

Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you guys. Hope everything's ok. Take care. Hugs, Jamie

08-29-2008 9:45 AM -- By: jo angel michaels mom,  From: delhi,minnesota  

Hi angel Gabrielle and Maribeth. Wanted to say thank you for sharing your angel with us.The journey is long and never will end but this site has helped me so much. This family is amazing.Welcome to our family maribeth.Gabrielle hold your mom and dad close sweetie, they miss you so much. Jo Angel Michaels Mom

08-28-2008 4:49 PM -- By: Christine D,  From: BBC (Fullterm loss thread)  

i am sending you some peaceful vibes. and loving thoughts of your sweet baby girl Gabrielle

08-27-2008 4:05 PM -- By: Jesse,  From:  

So much pain When we loose love I will think and pray for your lost Dove.

08-24-2008 11:15 AM -- By: Debi,  From: Connecticut  

"People may forget what you said, forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou

This memorial is the most beautiful gesture I have ever seen. Although I did not know Maribeth through any of her pregnancies, I can truly feel the emotions she felt through the stories I have heard. I am proud to be friends with this incredibly strong woman and her 3 girls. They hold a special place in my heart forever as if they were my own.

08-21-2008 9:05 PM -- By: Michael,  From:  

Gabrielle is a blessing to us all and will always be with us and all of the children in this world. I cannot put into words what she means to me and the love she carries to all her extended family. She is always with us all.

We will see you later baby girl.... Love, Daddy

08-19-2008 10:09 PM -- By: Tracey,  From:  

Only in God's infinite wisdom could such a blessing be wrapped in such a tragedy. Blessings to Gabrielle and family.

08-19-2008 9:43 PM -- By: Tracey Gallo,  From: Torrington, CT  

I am one of Beth's dearest friends, one among the elite who call her sister. I have known her since we were 14 and we have watched each other grow through womanhood into motherhood. This website congers many feelings for me. I remember the photo she sent me of her pregnant with Gabrielle she was the happiest I had ever seen her. This photo still lives on my computer(with her permission). I was also pregnant with my son at the same time she was pregnant with Gabrielle so we talked often about our experiences. I remember hearing of Gabrielle's passing, it took me 3 days to cry, it was a song of Eric Clapton's on the radio that made me pull over “would you know my name if I saw you in heaven.”the words hit me like a hammer and I cried for quit some time. Not knowing how else to comfort my sister in her time of need I bought the CD and sent it to her explaining I had no words that could console the grief she must be feeling. My son was born 2months later. As guilty as I felt my sister embraced him as if he was her own. Her strength and sheer will to preserver astounds me. I am proud to know her. Love ya bet. Me

08-15-2008 2:35 PM -- By: Lisa West,  From: Canton,Ohio  

I am so very touched by your words, absolutely amazed, as if you were speaking directly to me about my own loss. Your daughter was beautiful and I am so sorry for what you have to endure without her here. I walk with you, Dear Mother, and I share in your loss. Love,Lisa


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